Linking Patients to the Medical Supplies and Services They Need, When They Need Them

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The Problem

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Problem Statement

Save the time and distance that patients need to travel to find out if a particular medical provider has a particular item or service

Provide an easy-to-use service to link people in developing countries who need medical supplies and services with the suppliers of those services

Provide tools to medical health professionals and community health volunteers to accept requests for supplies and services and respond to those requests with the locations that have those supplies and services and when they will be available

Help medical providers manage requests for supplies and services and integrate those requests into their existing inventory control and purchasing systems

Project Goals

World-Wide Applicability across Multiple Countries

Immediately Useful in Developing Countries

Extensible: Can Work with Any Inventory System

Internationalized: not just English

Multiple Interfaces: Web, Smart Phones, SMS, Email

One piece of a larger whole

Reusable across other domains (schools, businesses, …)

Deployable immediately after hackathon