Corporate Principles Policy

v1.1 Last updated: March 14, 2010

Kismet World Wide Consulting will post a "Corporate Principles Policy" via a link on the main web page. All distributed apps will also include the policy, initially via a link to the web page from within the app.

The Corporate Principles Policy details the guidelines for how we want to do business as Kismet World Wide Consulting. All Consultants who work for Kismet World Wide Consulting must agree to follow these principles whenever and wherever possible in any work they do for Kismet World Wide Consulting.

Here is our primary guiding principle:

  • We choose to prioritize maximizing the value we can contribute to the world over all other goals, including the traditional corporate goals of maximizing shareholder value or personal profit.

And the rest of our principles, in no particular order:

  • Practice honorable, principled world-wide business practices, treating all people with integrity and respect (i.e. be a good world-wide corporate citizen)
  • Doing things for the right reasons
  • Preference for Open Source
  • Provide Utility -- make something that's truly useful to people finding or fulfilling their purpose or otherwise contributing to the betterment of humanity.
  • Clean & Simple interfaces
  • Aim to work everywhere, for everyone (including the developing world, which means older browsers and minimalistic use of images). This doesn't mean we're saying we have to support every language and culture, just that everyone in the world should have equal access and ability to use our products and services whenever and wherever possible (within reason and ability).
  • Oneness / Abundance mindset (vs. Scarcity) - it doesn't have to be a win-lose game. We're all in this world together and we can work to raise everyone up, not step on others to "get to the top."
  • Green / Enviro-friendly (as possible) - provide some useful tools for people to lower their negative impact on the world (recognizing that the iPhone isn't exactly the most enviro-friendly device out there).
  • Strong privacy policy, posted on the website, that protects the personal information of all of our users, Consultants, and Investors.

Please don't hesitate to email at any time with any questions or concerns you have about our policies, including this Corporate Principles Policy.