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TaxiFlasher reverses colors to flash at variable speeds

Based on your votes, we've added CUSTOM FONTS as our newest feature in v1.1 of TaxiFlasher!

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About TaxiFlasher

Flag down and hail a taxi with the default flashing message: "TAXI" in yellow and black!
Write your own message (a.k.a. Flash) and choose the colors, Flash speed and now any of the fonts on your iPhone™ or iPod touch™!

TaxiFlasher v1.1 Features:

  • Type your own message, or select from a list of useful and fun Flashes!
  • NEW! Choose from any of the fonts on your device!
  • Choose the colors to flash between!
  • Set the speed of your Flash: Off to slow to fast to SEIZURE**!
  • Your last Flash is always saved and just a touch away!
  • Unique voting system on the settings page: you tell us which features to build next!

** WARNING: Please use SEIZURE speed at your own risk! It may cause problems for people who suffere Epileptic seizures brought on by flashing lights.

And BE CAREFUL! Please stay aware of your surroundings when using TaxiFlasher since using this (or any) app in a public place means everyone around you can see your device. Then again, so does talking on your phone, reading your email, playing games or using any of your apps. Always keep a good grip on your device when using it in public!

Other TaxiFlasher Uses:

  • Find friends in large crowds
  • Use while walking or biking to make sure you're seen and not hit
  • Party / Concert / Rave toy
  • Flashlight: Set the flashing speed to "off"
  • Mood lighting: Use soothing colors at slow speeds
  • Send messages quietly across the room to friends or co-workers in meetings or classes
  • And more!

VOTE for Future Features:

TaxiFlasher allows you to tell us what features you want next in TaxiFlasher.
Now you can vote for:

  • Flash Word-by-word: flash a series of words one word at a time
  • Custom colors: pick your colors using RGB, CMYK, or HSB/HSV
  • Multi-line text: long messages appear on more than one line
  • Scrolling ("banner") text: long messages move across the screen like a banner or ticker tape
  • Screen rotation: flash in landscape and portrait modes
  • Flash your pictures: use images from your Photo Albums
  • Share your Flashes: save and send to your friends
  • Save multiple Flashes: store your favorites for quick access
  • Use symbols, shapes and emoticons
  • Flash in time to microphone sounds
  • Have an idea we didn't think of? Send us email at: and we will add the best ideas to our unique in-app voting system.

See which future features are the favorites on our voting results page

TaxiFlasher Pricing and Upgrades -- Why isn't this free?

Although TaxiFlasher may seem simple, it's fun, useful, and represents a significant amount of development work and expenses. We don't want to use ads that are invasive and annoying to you, in order to support our development costs, so we're asking for the lowest amount we can. We think the fun and usefulness of TaxiFlasher as well as the upgrades we're planning are well worth the money.

If you are interested in TaxiFlasher but don't think it's worth the price, send an email to and ask to join our beta test program. We'll give you the app for free, in exchange for your feedback on how we can make it better. (Contact us soon! Apple® only allows us a limited number of beta tester slots!)


Sometimes the Apps you use on your device don't release the memory they've used when you're done with them. When your device runs low on memory, TaxiFlasher will not display correctly (there's a black box on the right side of the screen). This can be easily fixed by freeing up memory or by rebooting your device. We are working on a fix for this in future versions.

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