How to Use WasteNot

Getting Started

The first time you start WasteNot, our guide will walk you through some of the main concepts of WasteNot. (You can view it again by clicking the "View Guide" button on the WasteNot Home page or on the More... tab). Go to the WasteNot Home page to see a brief description of the 4 major areas within WasteNot.

Some Terms you should know first

Seeds are good ideas you can use to reduce your impact on the environment. Essentially, green tips for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!
The Garden metaphor
We use gardening terms to describe many of the things you can do to WasteNot Seeds, like Browse or Water them. When you Plant a Seed or mark Seeds favorites, you gather them in MyGarden so you can tend them and watch as your Seeds grow and spread around the world!

The main areas of WasteNot

Browse Seeds
Find simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment by browsing Seed lists and searching all WasteNot Seeds. We've
Here you can easily find all of the Seeds you've marked as favorites and the Seeds you've planted (i.e. ideas you've submitted). WasteNot also shows you the positive impact of your ideas and actions. See both your individual and the worldwide savings as Seeds are spread and watered around the globe!
Water Seeds
Water Seeds in Seed Detail view to let us know that you're using the ideas in your life. You can water a Seed immediately or set up automated waterings. The Water list let's you quickly find the Seeds you've already watered in WasteNot. We keep track of all of the waterings so you can see how much of a difference you and everyone using WasteNot are making. (And your privacy is important to us, so all information you provide to us is anonymized.)
Plant Seed
Share your good ideas by planting new Seeds. If you've come up with an easy, clever, or useful way to reduce your impact on the environment, SHARE! Let others know how they can make the world a better place too! Our Gardeners will review any Seeds you plant to make sure it follows our Gardening Policy. If it does, your Seed will be spread to WasteNot users around the world!
Here you will find WasteNot Settings, be able to Vote for new features, and see additional Information about the WasteNot app and Kismet World Wide LLC. We think there's actually some fun, interesting stuff in here. It's worth checking out!

Understanding the world maps in WasteNot (a.k.a. Heatmaps)

For every Seed or collection of Seeds, we generate a color-based heatmap that shows where in the world those Seeds have been Watered. The brighter spots on the map (white/yellow) are areas where lots of people have watered that Seed. Darker red areas have had relatively fewer waterings, while areas that show the normal satellite image of the Earth have had no waterings.


We want to know what features are important to you, so we've implemented a voting system to allows you to tell us what you think we should work on next! We've come up with a number of features that we think would be useful within WasteNot. Touch the buttons to check off the features that you would like to see added to WasteNot, and then touch the "Submit Your Vote" button to send us your votes. If the button says "Submitted", we already have your latest votes. You can change your votes at any time and resubmit them, if you change your mind.
If you're curious what other people have voted for, you can see our latest results by touching the "view results..." button.
Suggest other new features...
This will allow you to email us suggestions for improvements and new features for WasteNot that aren't already listed in our voting system. You can also just email us at:
WasteNot Credits
These are the people who worked long and hard to make WasteNot a reality. It's been quite a journey, and we hope you like what we've done.
Email us feedback or a support request...
Allows you to email our support team any feedback or problems you're having with the application. You can also email us at:
Read our posted Principles & Privacy Policy...
These links take you to our website, where you can read the unique Principles our company is founded on and our Privacy Policy which describes how we treat any data you may give to us.
WasteNot Jobs
Find out how you can be a part of the Kismet World Wide WasteNot team, and help make a difference in new and exciting ways!
View WasteNot Release Notes...
This link takes you to the Release Notes page of our website, describing what's new in your version of WasteNot.
View WasteNot Legal Notices
It's not what we'd call fun reading, but we have to post these legal notices, including licenses for the open source third party software we use. But who knows? Maybe you're interested!