People everywhere are helping
to save the environment with WasteNot:

Over 4,306,792 actions worldwide, saving up to:
21,189,057 kilowatt hours of electricity
8,163,958 pounds of carbon dioxide
5,025,003 gallons of water
1,261,196 square feet of paper tissues
1,016,514 plastic bottles
252,779 pounds of paper
237,442 pounds of landfill
227,209 plastic bags
184,838 sheets of paper
and more...
(as of 17 May 2016 17:35 PDT)

Green your world. Know your Impact.

WasteNot is a free app that helps you find and share good ideas that can reduce your waste and your impact on the environment! Then watch to see how big of a difference you and your ideas can really make, and see where people are using them worldwide!

WasteNot was built on iOS 2, launched in 2010, and continued to work on all versions of iOS including iOS 8 without a single code change. We are currently working to update WasteNot to support the many changes Apple has made to iOS to allow WasteNot to work on iOS 9 and later.

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Demo Video -- See WasteNot in action:

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Learn how we made this iPhone app demo video.

WasteNot helps you:

WasteNot Home Screen
See how much you've helped save the earth!

  • Browse and Search for good ideas (we call them "Seeds") to find simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Plant Seeds to share your good ideas with people around the world.
  • Water Seeds to let us know that you're using an idea in your life. We keep track of all of the waterings so you can see how much of a difference you and everyone using WasteNot are making. (And your privacy is important to us, so all information you provide to us is anonymized.)
  • Check out our interactive world maps that let you zoom in to see where Seeds have been watered.
  • Watch the savings grow in MyGarden because of your ideas and actions. See the worldwide savings as Seeds are spread and watered around the globe!

Learn how we built WasteNot:

Our eBook describes best practices for building an iPhone / mobile application business, as learned from building WasteNot. Learn more about the book and our Early Bird Sale.

Please Help Make WasteNot Better:

Do you have ideas on how we can make WasteNot better? Use our unique in-app voting feature to let us know which features we should build next. Or, contact us with your ideas directly:

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Pricing & Donations:

In order to celebrate Earth Day and the SF Green Fest this month, and make a bigger impact by getting WasteNot into more people's hands, we've decided to give WasteNot away for free! We won't be able to keep it that way forever, though, unless we receive donations, or find partners/sponsors to help cover our costs.

If you would like to make a donation, become a sponsor or partner, to help us continue to offer WasteNot for free, Sponsorships@KismetWorldWide.com or donate now via PayPal:

Localized Translations:

Want WasteNot in your language? We do too! We need help translating and figuring out which languages to translate first.

We promise to start by translating into languages spoken in WasteNot's top-selling countries. If you would like to see WasteNot in your language, buy a copy of the WasteNot app now (so we can know your country has interest) and you'll get a free upgrade when we support your language. You can also email us at Support@KismetWorldWide.com
to vote for your language.

If you speak a language fluently and are willing to help us translate, email us at: Translations@KismetWorldWide.com

WasteNot Kindred Spirits:

WasteNot is more than just our iPhone app! Check out some other Waste Not projects from around the world:

  • The Etsy Recyclers Guild uses WasteNot to tag crafts made from repurposed materials!
  • Green Thing uses creativity to inspire people to do simple things to lead a greener life. They do this with the help of brilliant videos, music and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world.
  • Team Earth shares good, green ideas too!
  • Ecoboutique in San Francisco (they're neighbors to some of our team members).
  • Drive Less Challenge: read and share stories for how you can reduce your environmental impact by biking, walking, carpooling, and using transit!

Are you a WasteNot Kindred Spirit? Email us and we'll add you to our list: