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Computer Science @ The University of The Gambia (UTG)

&& Digital Electronics @ GTTI  


I also publish ramblings about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer at: Lie's Truths.

New at the UTG: Bachelor's of Science with Major or Minor in Computer Science

    I have developed a new Computer Science Major and Minor here at The UTG.  It has just been approved by the University Senate, and this term is the first official term of University-level Computer Science studies in this country.  I am currently teaching 7 courses in it, and next term will be joined by a professor from Switzerland.  Please E-mail me if you have a Master's or a Ph.D and would like to come for even just a single semester and help build a technology infrastructure by teaching incredibly eager and capable minds while you live in a ocean-side house in one of the worlds most impoverished nations.

Downloadable Descriptions of the  Major or Minor in Computer Science 

Tests and Handouts from all the classes I have taught at The UTG:

    I am a volunteer and would like my efforts to benefit as many people as possible regardless of geographic location.  Thus anyone who has interest can download anything I produce for my classes here.  All of the materials here are released freely for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.

    If you find these useful, *PLEASE* share any work of your own that might benefit others!